Sporty Fancy Dress Ideas

Game, Set and Match to Your Costume

Sport is a popular option for a fancy dress party, especially when the get together coincides with a major sporting event such as the Olympics or World Cup. Sport is also one of the themes which is easiest on the guests, as most people will have an old football shirt at the back of the wardrobe, or can just throw on the gym kit if all else fails. If however you want to put a bit more of an effort into your sporting themed fancy dress, here are some ideas to get you started. On your marks!

Hole In One – Go Golfing

Golf is a great choice for a couples’ costume, or for a group if you want to stand out from the crowds of people who have just thrown on a football shirt. Charity shops are the best hunting grounds for the sorts of clothes you’ll need for a golfing costume of comfortable slacks, polo shirt with a collar and a v-neck sweater. Buy a cheap plastic sunshade or visor, or look for other golfing-related accessories like old clubs or even a golf bag. If you really want to get into character, try to source a pair of knee-length plus fours, and long socks.

Horse Racing – Back in the Saddle

Brightly coloured jockey silks aren’t something you’re likely to have at home, but are a comfortable and practical option for a costume. Look for an all-in jockey costume which provides everything you’ll need in one pack, or try to source jodhpurs, shirt and hat separately, perhaps using your own boots or goggles. If you’re handy with a sewing machine, you could even try to run up your own silks at home.

Back in Time for Sporting Inspiration

The 80s was the decade where sportswear became mainstream, and many 80s costumes can also double as sports wear. What could be more 80s than a shell suit, matched with a pair of oversized trainers? Alternatively, channel your inner Jane Fonda with leotard, shiny leggings and neon pink or orange leg warmers. This is quite an easy costume to put together with things you already have at home, matched with some key purchases which can be used for other outfits in the future. If you’re shopping on a budget, look for sweat bands for the wrist and head to wear with your own shorts, t-shirt and trainers.

Anyone for tennis?

This is the sort of theme people may come up with to coincide for Wimbledon, so take your cues from the competition’s own dress code. Dress exclusively in white – polo shirts, skirts, shorts, shoes and socks. Pick up a cheap tennis racquet and balls from any large sports store and you’re ready to go. If you’ve been asked to dress as a sporting star then what about Superbrat – John McEnroe? All you’ll need in addition to your tennis whites are red sweatbands for wrists and head, and a willingness to throw both a tantrum, and your racquet.

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