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Harry Potter has without doubt been the runaway publishing sensation of the last couple of decades. It’s one of those rare book series which is as popular with adults as it is with their kids. The mix of adventure, magic and school stories is a winning combination. Every World Book Day or Halloween there are thousands of kids dressed as Harry, Ron or Hermione. If you want to buy into the theme yet steer away from the obvious choices, here are some great ideas.

Avoiding the Obvious School Uniform

If you or your child is determined to be Harry or Hermione, then avoid the obvious of school uniform, black cloak and striped tie. Look to the films or novels for other ideas about what the characters wore. Oversized woollen jumpers with H or R on the front, for example, or perhaps the dress Hermione wore at the Yule Ball. In later books, the trio go out fighting Death Eaters in jeans and jumper – all you need is a wand made out of a stick, or a deathly hallows style necklace. Another option is the quidditch style uniform which for the Gryffindor team can be made with a long-sleeved dark red t-shirt and dark trousers. Borrow a broom, and cover a table tennis in gold coloured paper to make the elusive snitch.

Other Characters from the Novels

Everyone wants to be one of the protagonists, but there are plenty of other ideas for costumes in the wizarding world. Evil teacher Dolores Umbridge, for example, was known for her pink tailored suits and love of kittens. Create a Luna outfit with a selection of random clothing and a homemade copy of “Quibbler” magazine. Another good option is Professor Trelawney the divination teacher, who wears thick glasses, floating skirts and lots of beads and bangles. If you’re on a strict budget for your outfit, gamekeeper Hagrid is a good choice. Start with looking for a false beard, preferably black, long and curly. Most of the rest of the outfit isn’t important, as long as you have a thick overcoat, and an umbrella. If you really want to get into character, you could even bake a birthday cake.

Animals and Other Creatures

Spiders play a big role in Harry Potter. Ron is terrified of them, and they haunt the forest close to the Castle. Spiders don’t have to be scary though, and smaller kids will look cute rather than terrible in a cuddly spider outfit. Goblins are the bankers of the wizarding world, and using a pair of goblin ears and some matching green face paint, it’s easy to create your goblin outfit. Accessorise with a stack of golden coins to complete the look. Bats aren’t a huge part of the books or movies, but certainly fit with the overall theme, so why not reuse a bat costume you already have? Another option is a wolf costume or onesie. One of the main characters, Remus Lupin, is a werewolf so you should be able to tie wolves in to the overall theme.

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