Hen Do Costume Ideas

Ideas To Get Dressed Up For That Hen Party

The hen do is a rite of passage for any woman getting married. Traditional hen do gear includes L-plates for the bride to be, a veil or even matching outfits for the entire party. 21st century celebrations are more elaborate than ever, and many hens are steering away from the traditional costumes for their event. If you’re looking for comfortable and unusual outfits which are suitable for all ages, shapes and sizes, here are a few ideas to inspire you and your friends.

Steer Away from Pink and Girly

For many hen parties, the default option is to go down the traditionally feminine route by looking at costumes for cheerleaders, princesses or witches. But an increasingly popular choice is to mix things up a bit by choosing outfits more traditionally associated with men. Pirate costumes are a great option, and suitable for all ages. Most people will have a pair of black jeans or trousers, and a check shirt. Add in a bandana, cutlass, eye patch and some carefully purchased accessories, and you could be leading a gang of pirates on a pub crawl in no time. This is the ideal budget option too, as many hens will be able to use things they already own.

Matching T-Shirts

We’ve all seen the groups of hens heading off from the airport on a foreign trip, all wearing matching t-shirts. It’s a good option for comfort, and choosing this option guarantees getting something unique for your event. On the downside, once the event is over, you’re unlikely to want to wear the t-shirts again. Getting the t-shirts designed and printed also needs someone to take on the job of designing the logo, finding a printer, coordinating orders and sizes – it all takes time. There are also DIY kits where you can print your own t-shirts at home, but these are best avoided unless you’ve done it before.

Go Retro – Back to the 80s

80s clothing was bright and bold, perfect for attracting attention and creating a stir for the bride to be. Again, the starting point for an 80s outfit could be something you have already, perhaps a frilled ra-ra skirt or tutu. Wear your tutu with a mesh top in a bright colour, neon socks, and lots of beads and other jewellery in the brightest shades you can find. Don’t forget the oversized bows for your hair and the Princess Diana style blue eyeshadow.

Keep It Simple?

If your hen party will extend over several days, it can get pricey if you need to have a separate outfit for every day or night out. A better idea might to opt for an accessory which you can wear with your standard clothes – it’ll cut down on the packing too. Something like a traditional masquerade mask fits the bill perfectly as it can be worn with any outfit. Or why not get matching hats or scarves for the whole party instead? Set a standard dress code of for example black and white, then use cleverly chosen accessories to complete the look.

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