Unusual Halloween Ideas

Something different for Halloween

Halloween is all about witches and wizards, but that’s not where inspiration has to end when it comes to looking for costume ideas. Whether you’re looking for ideas for an adult fancy dress costume with a difference, or something spooky yet non-gruesome for your child’s nursery school party, there are lots of ideas around.

Zombies With Everything!

One of the easiest types of costumes to put together is a zombie. Any other type of costume can be made into a zombie, and given that you’re going to rip the costume for that zombie look, it doesn’t matter if the clothes are a bit small, out of fashion or past their best. Scruffy clothes aren’t enough for the zombie effect though, you’ll need a decent face paint kit too. Make your skin look grey blotchy, give yourself dark circles around the eyes and tousle your hair. Don’t forget to put make-up on your hands and other parts of visible flesh too.

Non-Scary Ideas for the Kids

Many smaller kids like the sweets, parties and bright light aspect of Halloween, but find the blood, gore and ghosts a bit too much. Many schools put a total ban on blood or scary masks, so you’ll have to think along alternative lines. Although spiders are undeniably a big part of Halloween, toddler spider outfits are definitely more cute and cuddly than terrifying. Bats are another good choice for kids of all ages, but if they’re going to a party with lots of games, choose a costume which still allows a lot of scope for movement. A better option for very small children is often just to let them wear their own clothes, and make a pair of wings which they can slip on and off.

Day of the Dead

Although the Mexican festival of the Dead of the Dead actually takes place on 1st November, the celebration has been rolled into general Halloween festivities. Day of the dead costumes are more about make-up and headdress than clothing – anything dark in colour or with a skull on would be perfect. Getting your Day of the Dead make-up right can be tricky, especially if you’re going for one of the more elaborate looks with painted roses and spider webs. There are lots of tutorials online but you’re going to need lots of practice before the party date. In terms of clothing, it’s easy to buy Mexican themed t-shirts online, or you can get creative and make your own with a plain t-shirt, templates downloaded online and fabric paint.

Monster Costumes

Stand out from the crowd of vampires, witches and skeletons by thinking outside the norm for your costume and explore the world of monsters. Frankenstein is perhaps the most obvious choice, and all you really need is a Frankenstein rubber mask matched with some face paint. Or you can dispense with the mask altogether and just create your own scary monster look with transfer tattoos of scars or stitched up wounds, face paint, ripped up clothing and whatever else you can lay your hands on.

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