Get Into Uniform For A Fancy Dress Party

Uniform Costume Ideas 

An invitation to a uniformed fancy dress party doesn’t mean having to dig your old school tie and blazer out of the attic. School uniform is perhaps the easiest option when you’re on a limited budget, or have limited time to throw an outfit together. But with a little more thought and our inspirational help, you can come up with many other options which will help you stand out from the crowd at your next costumed event.

Emergency Services

If the last time you dressed up as a policeman was at nursery, then why not relive your childhood by dressing as one of the emergency services? Many people mistakenly believe that it’s illegal to dress as a policeman but that’s only the case if you’re out to deceive. Nobody’s going to arrest you for turning up at a friend’s fancy dress BBQ party in our policeman’s outfit. A fireman’s outfit is also a good option, but think about the practicalities of wearing a heavy jacket all evening at a party. Or go for the paramedic look, with a green jumpsuit, plastic gloves and an oversized stethoscope.

Get Airborne with Aviation Uniform

Air travel has a glamorous image, so dressing as an air steward or pilot can be a good option for a more sophisticated party. Sharp suits are the starting point for this type of uniform, usually in a basic shade of black, grey or navy. Stewards should accessorise their suit with a brightly coloured scarf tied at the neck in a smart bow. If you’ve set your sights on sitting at the front and flying the plane, then a pilot needs a hat with braid, shirt with stripes and of course the aviator sunglasses.

Military Style

Another good budget option is going down the military route. If you don’t already have something camouflage in your wardrobe, it’s fairly easy to pick up a camo t-shirt or dress in the main high street stores. You’ll need some face paint to put the stripes across your cheeks, and a pair of heavy boots. There’s also the option to go down the retro military look, dressing as soldiers or sailors from past decades, with WW2 outfits popular in 2020 for the 75th anniversary of the VE Day celebrations.

Lifeguard for a Summer Party

It’s easy to get carried away with creating a visually amazing yet impractical fancy dress costumes which looks fabulous but which you can’t sit down in. If you’ve been invited to a summer fancy dress party then one of the most practical options is to dress as a lifeguard. A pair of red board shorts and a rubber ring is pretty much all you’ll need for a basic version of this look. You can dd to the look with a red jacket, or t-shirt with some sort of beach or sea logo. Wear flip flops or trainers on your feet, a pair of sunglasses and don’t forget your bottle of sunscreen either.

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