Best Fancy Dress Costumes For Couples

Two’s Company - What is the Best Fancy Dress Costumes for Couples?

When you get a text inviting you and your other half to a fancy-dress party, the first thought is always about what to wear. Couples often go for options which reflect real life pairings – Romeo and Juliet, Bonnie and Clyde, Beyonce and Jay-Z.

But who wants to walk into a party and see three other Romeos already tucking into the buffet? Put a little thought into it and you can come up with a cohesive couples idea which isn’t run of the mill.

Similar Colours and Styles for Costume

One good option is to agree with your partner on a common theme, or colour. So for example you could decide on a red theme for your couples costume.

One person puts on their favourite red football kit and goes as a footballer. Their partner chooses a red flapper dress, or goes Spanish flamenco style with a red full skirt, black tshirt, hoop earrings and lots of gold jewellery.

Alternatively, look to a similar theme rather than trying to be perfectly matched. Superheroes is a popular choice, or for a summer fancy-dress event think out of the box and go for Day of the Dead themed outfits and make-up, or even Santa and his elf.

Fancy Dress Costumes from a Similar Era

Those who want a more cohesive look for their couples costume could also decide to look to the past for inspiration.

1970s and 1980s costumes are widely available, and you might even have a psychedelic shirt or a pair of flares lurking at the back of the wardrobe.

Simple 1980s basics like a pink mesh top can be matched with stuff you already have at home, or customise your old denim jacket and jeans for a simple 80s look.

Unisex Fancy Dress Costumes

Getting costumes which suit both men and women isn’t always easy but remember you don’t have to be identical. Pirate costumes are an eternally popular choice and very easy to pull together with stuff you already have at home.

All you’ll need to buy is a pirate hat or a pair of striped tights.

Or why not go down the medical route, both dressed in white coats with stethoscopes and clip boards. There is a huge number of possibilities, whether you’re looking to cobble together a costume from something you have, or buying something new online.

But I really want a Couples Costume!

If you are still convinced that you want a costume idea which marks you out as a couple, then the trick is to strike a balance between being a couple everyone recognises, yet steering away from the very obvious options which others might already have chosen.

Superheroes are always a popular choice for costumes, but opt for a lesser-known hero like Bananaman and his sidekick Bananawoman, rather than the obvious choices of Batman and Batgirl.


And of course there is no reason why you have to stick to “right” gender of clothing – there’s nothing stopping both of you going as Ironman or Wonder Woman should you wish to do so.

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